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LiftAcademy: Liftinstituut Solutions training program

Liftinstituut Solutions now offers a range of courses on vertical transport, related technology and safety issues. The information and knowledge provided can be used by all kinds of engineers and managers. Whether they work in the lift industry or elsewhere, these training courses teach participants about the technology and safety aspects of lifts, escalators and suspended access equipment.

Improve your people’s expertise with training by LiftAcademy
Designing, producing and installing lifts and transport installations requires knowledge. Engineering knowledge, but also knowledge about current and prospective safety requirements. It’s not just about theory though. The ability to interpret legislation and regulations and incorporate them in designs and risk analyses is just as important. A safe product is your first priority. But it should also be efficient to install. And there should be a good balance between price and performance.

Liftinstituut Solutions trains from experience
Liftinstituut Solutions training courses cover all these aspects. As the Netherlands’ leading agency and knowledge centre for lifts, escalators and other technical equipment, Liftinstituut Solutions  is fully up to date on the latest developments relating to safety and technology. Training courses are given by field professionals, so the content is always extremely current. It’s your guarantee that your people receive practice-based training