Because your hotel can't go one day without an elevator

A stay in your hotel(s) must be a perfect experience for your customers. An out-of-order elevator can easily tarnish that customer experience. Especially if the elevator plays a key visual role in the lobby. Liftinstituut Solutions understands this and is happy to offer you the expertise needed to take the quality, safety, and reliability of your elevators up to the highest level.

Do you want a second opinion on elevator maintenance? Or are you keen to outsource your elevator renovating or building concerns? Inspired by their passion for technology and safety, our consultants can help you. They pay attention not only to quality and availability, but also to potential cost savings. Generally you will get back the investment in our services immediately.


NH Hotels

A short time ago, the Spanish hotel chain NH Hotels contacted Liftinstituut Solutions for a second opinion. Their question: Are the proposed elevator renovations really necessary? And how can we structure the work better? With a keen eye, our elevator consultants identified a significant saving and, at the same time, a way of boosting the quality.

Liftinstituut Solutions is now overseeing various innovations for the hotel chain in the Benelux region. We are responsible for inviting and assessing tenders as well as performing inspections upon completion.

Marriott and Ritz-Carlton

Hotel guests who get stuck in an elevator want to be freed as quickly as possible. That is why the Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotel chains chose to train their own staff in how to free trapped elevator passengers. Liftinstituut Solutions provided the training in collaboration with LiftAcademy.

Where in the past trapped elevator passengers had to wait an average of one hour for help from the elevator engineer or fire brigade, now they are freed from the elevator within twenty minutes. This is also making a difference to the guest reviews.

Batumi Twin Towers

In Georgia Liftinstituut Solutions is sharing its elevator knowledge and experience in the project Batumi Twin Towers. When the construction is finished, it will be a hotel with the biggest number of rooms in the world.

The consultants of Liftinstituut Solutions are involved in several stages of the preparation and construction process. We made the traffic calculations in the design phase, prepared the tender documents, arranged the tender assessment and negotation, and took care of the document assessment before the production started. At the moment the building is completed, our consultants will be responsible for the installation and completion inspections.

Tashkent Theme Park Project

Liftinstituut Solutions provided lift design consultancy services for vertical transport systems in the Theme Park Entertainment and Recreation Complex in the new Tashkent City complex. The lift design services contained: traffic analysis, dimension tables, design suggestions and more solutions in line with the building design needs. We managed to determine the optimum vertical transportation system for the buildings in the Tashkent project with most suitable number of lifts, speed, capacity, products and features. Read the complete article