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Construction design - our expertise in building elevators and escalators

It is not uncommon for elevators and escalators to be the main traffic arteries in buildings. Anyone working on construction therefore ought to make the right choices from the start. So, invite the consultants from Liftinstituut Solutions to sit around the design table with you. By taking advantage of their years of experience and up-to-date knowledge of the market, technology, people flow, and regulations, you can make informed decisions.

Our consultants can assist you in the design phase, perform traffic analyses, draw up procurement documents, assess tenders or supervise the entire project. We will be happy to relieve you of all your concerns regarding escalators and elevators. Right through to inspection upon completion. Obviously it is always up to you to decide what work we can do for you.


Our range of construction services includes:

  • Traffic calculations in the design phase
    Liftinstituut Solutions can support you as early as the design phase. Using the latest traffic analysis methods we will calculate various options for vertical transport. We will bear in mind the desired configuration, performance, and budget.
  • Tender documents
    Clear tender documents form the basis for the tender process involving suppliers of escalators, elevators, and façade maintenance facilities. Liftinstituut Solutions will be happy to draw these up for you from an independent perspective, taking account of your wishes and the requirements in your country.
  • Tender assessment and negotiation
    It is not always easy to assess vertical transport tenders. Liftinstituut Solutions will simplify the comparison, translate the jargon, and attend tender discussions so as to provide you with perfect clarity.
  • Document assessment during construction
    Once you have chosen a supplier, during the next phase you must assess the construction drawings, information on the use of materials, and other documents. Liftinstituut Solutions will be happy to take care of this. We will conduct consultations and negotiations until everything has been carried out fully in accordance with the tender.
  • Project supervision during construction
    The construction of elevators, escalators, and façade maintenance facilities calls for specialized knowledge. So, expand your project team with Liftinstituut Solutions. Our consultant will monitor the safety, quality, and progress of the construction, and see to it that the supplier completes the work as tendered.
  • Completion inspections
    Is the new installation safe? Does it satisfy commitments in terms of execution and performance? In short, are you getting what you paid for? With a completion inspection we will provide the evidence that will also make the supplier happy. After all, this means that there can be no debate afterwards.

More information?

Would you like to receive more information about our construction services? Please call us right away at +31 20 435 06 07. For Turkey and the Middle East please call Süleyman Özcan on +971 (0) 56 836 3424.