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Safety & Reliability Inspections: The Test of Confidence

It is not uncommon for elevators and escalators to be the main traffic arteries in buildings. Anyone working on construction therefore ought to make the right choices from the start. So, invite the consultants from Liftinstituut Solutions to sit around the design table with you. By taking advantage of their years of experience and up-to-date knowledge of the market, technology, people flow, and regulations, you can make informed decisions.

Our consultants can assist you in the design phase, perform traffic analyses, draw up procurement documents, assess tenders or supervise the entire project. We will be happy to relieve you of all your concerns regarding escalators and elevators. Right through to inspection upon completion. Obviously it is always up to you to decide what work we can do for you.


Our range of INSPECTION services includes:

  • Safety inspections
    Are your elevators, escalators, and façade maintenance facilities safe to use? Does the safety level fulfil your wishes or comply with national legislation? By having them inspected regularly you can be sure that you are doing all you can to provide passengers with a safe ride. A seal of approval from Liftinstituut Solutions will also put you in a stronger position with any liability issues.
  • Maintenance inspections
    Has the maintenance work been carried out properly? A maintenance inspection will give building managers, building owners, and maintenance companies the chance to dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s – in their working relationships and in periodic maintenance.
  • Renovation inspections
    If an elevator or escalator is around twenty years old, then it is time to think about a renovation. But how extensive does such a renovation need to be? Is a new elevator a better option? After a thorough inspection, Liftinstituut Solutions will give you an answer.
  • Technical audits and reviews
    Where in the building can the flow of people be improved? How can the energy consumption of elevators and escalators be lowered? With audits and reviews we will provide sound data and concrete advice which you can use to make immediate adjustments.
  • Completion inspections
    Whether it is the completion of new installations, modifications or modernizations, people want to know whether they are getting what they paid for. Liftinstituut Solutions will provide the evidence that will also make the supplier happy. After all, this means that there can be no debate afterwards.
  • Accident investigation
    Nobody expects an accident to occur with an escalator or elevator. But if things do go wrong, then an independent investigation is necessary. Liftinstituut Solutions has amassed a wealth of experience in this. We will set out the cause of the accident for you and explain what you need to do to prevent such accidents in the future. 

In Singapore and Ireland Liftinstituut Solutions carries out the inspections in partnership with Elevating Studio and Lift Inspect.


More information?

Would you like to receive more information about our inspection services? Please call us at +31 20 435 06 07. For Turkey and the Middle East please call Süleyman Özcan on +971 (0) 56 836 3424.